The center will be a great city in which there are areas of research, housing, aegis, school, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels and therapies, each with an independent development space for research and independent living of people with autism.


The School


The school would be structured so that no matter the age, the person with autism may develop, based on their talent and not their IQ, a career. Autistics are identified by having great skills in science, art and music and so would a curriculum to develop these skills to their maximum and studies not end in an existing chronological age, if not when that person anymore be prepared to make a living independently even if they were severe and nonverbal autistic.


The House


The property would ideally made for poor people or single parents who care for people with autism. We expect to receive a federal subsidy for such housing can be made with all the needs for better quality of life for people with autism.


Research Center and Hospital


The research center and hospital would be structured in a toast plus medical-training services, therapies and monitoring everything that is research of this condition and statistics.


The Aegis


The Aegis would aim to provide quality of life, the care and assistance needed during the days of his life to those who today have not been able to progress or who are alone or who their parents or guardians can not meet their needs.


The Hotels


These hotels would be aimed at people of various interests as may be people who are interested in seeing how the center operates based on medical tourism, or people with children or hosted relatives in school and want to visit, or just people who are studying medicine and wish to make any kind of practice within the city of Autism.


Pharmacies and Restaurants


Pharmacies and restaurants services and sales would all that food and medicine are targeting this population and to grow in addition to other business branches and to give first choice to graduates of this institution work for their intellectual development.




The function of the development of the center is to create a space that promotes independent development, amplify the research field and increase the availability of therapy centers for people with autism. In this way, help this population to live independently and eventually form a career even in chronic cases. Thus providing them quality of life through education and care in care centers, therapy and research.


Academic Purpose


The academic aim of the center is to educate based on talent and not on IQ, so that this population can grow and develop a career that allows them to earn a living independently.


Tourist Attraction


With a modern architectural design, Autism Training Center seeks to appeal to the medical tourism market by offering the opportunity to learn how it operates and what it offers to people with autism. Its hotels, restaurants and commercial spaces seek to appeal to other tourism markets by offering new experiences stay and gastronomy. Similarly, the lakes, the equestrian center and the dolphinarium being referred to in the development of Autism Training Center are spaces that seek to offer new experiences of activities to the public.





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