The architecture of the center is directed strictly to safeguard all the sensory details of physical and health needs of this population. Its structure would be modern with all the necessary conditions to prevent free radicals or technology-which is one of the theories of autismo- impact the center, entiéndase one would be the necessary insulation to prevent radiation from antennas and other impacts of technology .


In addition, internally and externally will have the necessary conditions and structure to reassure use and housing for this condition. Its external structure would not have streets, if not lakes and gondolas carrying people coming in, from place to place. This also adding a visual attraction for tourism and for patients, it would also prevent motor vehicles and carbon dioxide impact the city. The colors would be colors according to recommended for people with this condition sensually. The structures would cónsonamente with the use of stimulation in geometric figures and other figures that can help patients with this condition with memory and educational development.


Internally, the structures will be made with materials that avoid any injury or which could injure or harm this population that sometimes behaves differently from the rest of the population and thus, both the kitchen and bathrooms, walls and the doors will be made with materials that prevent injuries or accidents. In addition, the structure will flora and fauna for the stimulation of these. (It is intended to have a dolphinarium and an equestrian park for equine-therapy.)





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